Zodra je jezelf aan de kant van de meerderheid ziet staan, wordt het de hoogste tijd om een pauze in te lassen en hierover na te gaan denken. De kans is namelijk zeer klein dat je daar de waarheid zult vinden.”

Mahatma Ghandi.

donderdag 24 oktober 2013



As Given by

Chapter 21

Transcribed by Kathryn E May, PsyD

October 22 2013

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them to another" - the spirit of those words rings in the consciousness of all the people on Planet Earth in this year 2013. Whether it echoes within the hearts of the American people whose Declaration of Independence inspired these eloquent words, or whether it rises in the inspiring calls to freedom across the Middle East, or it fuels the expressions of hope for insurgents in African nations where peace and dignity remain illusive, the spirit of freedom grows. It is the year of the New Beginning, Beloved Ones. It is the year which will be remembered as the beginning of new freedom, of throwing off the yoke of oppression, whether it be social, political, economic or psychological.

dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

The New Scriptures Chapter 20

The New Scriptures

As Written by

Chapter 20

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD

October 20 2013

It is time to look forward with new eyes. You have lived through the Darkest of times on Planet Earth. The cloud is beginning to lift. You will all learn to sing and dance again. You will experience lighthearted fun even better than when you were young. You will remember how difficult it has been in recent years and the contrast will create such relief and joy, you will not be able to stop smiling. You see, from where we are in higher dimensions, we can see all the timelines leading to your future, and they all point to Ascension.