Zodra je jezelf aan de kant van de meerderheid ziet staan, wordt het de hoogste tijd om een pauze in te lassen en hierover na te gaan denken. De kans is namelijk zeer klein dat je daar de waarheid zult vinden.”

Mahatma Ghandi.

zaterdag 7 september 2013

The New Scriptures Chapter 12 - 6 September 2013

The New Scriptures

as Written by

Chapter 12

Channel:  Kathryn E May, PsyD
6 September  2013

Prime Creator has spoken.  You have been given the New Commandments for Ascension.  These carefully stated Universal Laws need no interpretation.  There are no hidden meanings or mysterious inferences in these words; they are simply the True expression of our Creator, giving us help to carry us through the coming days.  No person on Planet Earth will be exempted from these Laws, and no person will be excluded from the privilege of Ascension except by their own choices.

Why would anyone want to be excluded from this glorious opportunity?  It is a simple matter of being willing to accept the existence of a life after death, and accepting the idea that you are each in charge of your own destiny.  In addition, there are many who have subscribed to the religion of scientific exploration, which requires that nothing is believable which cannot be seen and touched by the five senses.  This limited view has achieved much in terms of understanding the physical world around you, but it cannot offer understanding of the mysteries of life in higher dimensions.

dinsdag 3 september 2013

The New Scriptures Chapter 11 - 2 September 2013

The New Scriptures

as Written by

Chapter 11

Channel: Kathryn E May,PsyD

2 September 2013

Let us speak now of the challenges you will need to overcome in order to accomplish your personal Ascension. It is a process which very few on your planet have completed in the past, although many have lived productive and loving lives.

It has been difficult to reach the high level of vibration required because of the atmosphere of heaviness, Darkness which has surrounded you. Even some who were named Saints after their deaths were not able to sustain the 5th dimensional vibration because of religious teachings, trauma or personal difficulty which caused them to lose their grip on the source of high vibration, which is Love and Joy.

Yes, it has been an impediment to ascension in the past when people believed that happiness and godliness do not mix. This has been a terrible travesty, because suffering and pain have been lauded, while cheerfulness and good will have been seen as a lack of serious commitment. What a shame this is. Laughter, song, dancing and play are a great part of the foundation for a strong connection to God. It has been a terrible development in religious practice, that self-flagellation, self-hatred and self-punishment are accepted as an appropriate means to elevating one's spirituality.

zondag 1 september 2013



Wat is een Boviswaarde?

De Boviswaarde is het trillingsgetal van materie. Zo heeft elk product of voorwerp en ook alles wat leeft een trillingsgetal, die is uitgedrukt in aantal Bovis. Wanneer de trilling hoger is dan 6.500 Bovis geeft deze energie en zal ons versterken een lagere waarde dan 6.500 Bovis kost energie en zal ons verzwakken.
Deze schaal is ontwikkeld door twee Franse wetenschappers, Bovis en Simoneton. Boviswaarden kunnen worden gemeten met een pendel of Biotensor.
Dit geldt ook voor voedingsmiddelen en eigenlijk alles wat we eten. Hiermee is er dus een hele nieuwe manier van kijken naar wat gezond en heilzaam is, zolang de Boviswaarde maar boven 6.500 Bovis ligt. 
Ik ben zelf ook gaan pendelen. 
Ik pendel vanuit dezelfde licht-energie als wannneer ik channel. 
Wil je jouw Boviswaarde weten, dan kan ik die voor je meten,
Ik vraag daar 10 euro voor. 
Ga naar de contactpagina en geef me je naam en geboortedatum door.
Lichtgroet Marijke