Gods liefde - wat jullie altijd al hebben geweten, dat diep binnenin jullie zelf is - omhult alle levende wezens in Zijn goddelijke omhelzing. Nu zijn jullie op het punt om de realiteit te ervaren van dat meest verfijnde gevoel dat jullie erfenis, jullie goddelijke voorrecht en jullie geboorterecht is. Het is liefdevol voor jullie bereid en in een toestand van absolute perfectie in de zekere wetenschap dat jullie zouden terugkeren om het op te eisen, en dat het klaar zou zijn voor jullie op het afgesproken moment.



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Red, Green & Yellow “Flying Saucers” Spotted Hovering Over Military Bases For Two Hours In Antarctica

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BREAKING 14,3 quadrillion Dollar lien taken against all us land real estate and people

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Federal Suit Hits Soros for $10 Billion For ‘Political Meddling…Motivated Solely by Malice’

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The Event: What is the Compression Breakthrough?

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OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History

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EM1 Effective Microorganisms -- Gaia's Ancient "Biotech" Can Replace Every Toxic Cleaner and Restore Your Health, the Environment, and Humanity at The Same Time

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SHOCKING: A Former NASA Engineer Speaks Out: Geoengineering Is Destroying The Ozone Layer

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Vatican Theologian Says Aliens are Real and Are More Spiritual and Intellectual Than Humans Paper by Monsignor Corrado Balducci.html

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BREAKING - Underground Bases Reported to be Under Fire, Cabal Being Arrested as They Flee - Video, Links, and Commentary

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So It Begins -- Full Disclosure Now Global Day of Action 11/11

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Are We Navigating to Our Optimal Temporal Reality by Corey Goode With David Wilcock BELANGRIJK!!

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Space Fence Program Takes the War on Consciousness to the Heavens

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NSA Whistleblower Says DNC Email Hack Was Not by Russia, but by US Intelligence

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5 Urgent Warnings From Big Banks That The “Economy Has Gone Suicidal”

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The WhiteHouse Just Issued An -Executive Order- officially Preparing For The“Event?" | Geomagnetic "Collapse" and Storms 1 Day Later --Commentary by Justin

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Rothschild Doubles Down on Gold as Banking Collapse Begins, Germans Told to Stockpile Food/Water

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FBI Finally Releases Tesla Documents on Death Ray, Ball Lightning and More (Pdf)

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The Truth about Syria  belangrijk!!!

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Orgaandonatie:Hersendood is misleiding..!

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Official Government Secrecy of UFOs and ETs: The "Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal" 1954 Majestic 12 Documents.

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Wakker worden uit de droom